Work from Home Hacks: How to Sanitize Your Design Tools and Equipment

With the COVID-19 issues we’re facing today, it’s important to clean not only yourself but also the gadgets which we designers use everyday. We don’t want any more bacteria getting in the way of our work so here are tips from us on how to sanitize your design tools and equipment.

It’s simple! You only need four things: alcohol with 70% solution, clean water, microfiber cloth, and cotton buds!

Our desktops and laptops are our most prized possession and our everyday-used gadget so they must be sanitized all the time. Wipe the screens and surfaces with an alcohol mix (50% water + 50% alcohol) and cloth then clean the edges with a cotton bud afterwards.

We use our phones and tablets. All. The. Time. It’s already an extension of our soul. Because of this, phones and tablets are more prone to germs and bacteria. To start, make sure they’re switched off when you’re cleaning them. Gently wipe touch screens and surfaces with the alcohol mix and cloth. Clean the edges with cotton buds afterwards.

Keyboards and mouses have many little spaces where dirt can pile up. Throw them in the garbage and wipe the surfaces with the alcohol mix. Make sure you wipe both the top and bottom parts! Clean the edges and small spaces with a cotton bud afterwards.

After your gadgets are all cleaned, don’t forget to clean and sanitize your hands as well! Remember that sanitizing is key and this should be done everyday. Doing so can help protect ourselves from dangerous bacteria like the ones present in the coronavirus.

Working from home may feel new and challenging but we’re here to help. We’re all in this together. Stay at home and keep yourselves safe!