Watch-2020: Design Films and Series

We know we’re all in isolation but don’t let this quarantine take you away from inspiring and motivating yourself to be better! Take a look at Watch-2020 to gain a fresh point of view on design and creativity. Here are our recommended design films and series you can watch to keep your creative minds going! Enjoy these while you work, while you take notes, or while you have a popcorn marathon with your friends—through virtual calls like Zoom, Rabbit, or Watch2gether. Happy binge-watching!


1. Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract: The Art of Design is a Netflix series featuring different areas of design with inspiring creatives in each field. There are now two seasons up on Netflix and here are some of our favorite episodes: (1) Digital Product Design, (2) Typeface, and (3) Graphic Design.

2. Helvetica

This film revolves around typography and graphic design with our favorite sans serif typeface, Helvetica, as the main cast. If you’re all about fonts then this is a must-watch for you!

3. The Toys That Made Us

Maybe you’re thinking what do toys have to do with design? Well, they play a big part in pop culture and in our childhood which has molded us to the designers we are today. This Netflix series focuses on the creators behind the toys and how they grew up with it. Check out Star Wars and Hello Kitty!



4. Graphic Means

Print is one of the most oldest forms of design, but its production methods weren’t always advanced the way it is now. Watch this film to see how the whole design process looked like before high-tech computers and printers were invented.

5. I Am Sun Mu

North Korea isn’t all about soldiers, military, and crash-landings. Though very strict, they did have their artists too. Sun Mu, who was very famous for his pop art style, was one of them.

6. Sign Painters

Oh, how lovely would it be to see a city full of hand-painted letters on signs, billboards, and buildings? This film explores the art of sign painting and how traditional painters today continue to show the raw beauty of using brush and paint over computers and printers.



7. The Movies That Made Us

If you’re a movie person then you’d like this Netflix series, which looks into four classic movies that have made box office hits and a major influence through generations.

8. Design & Thinking

What is design without thinking and conceptualization? This documentary interviews leading design thinkers around the globe as they share how a creative mind can change the world.

9. Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight

The film revolves around Milton Glaser, an American graphic designer who’s known for making the iconic “I ♥ N.Y.” logo and campaign. An inspiring, brilliant mind who has shown the power of design and creativity as a tool to inform and to delight.